I decided to write about this today because it’s been one month since I arrived here in Belfast. So I thought that it would make a good occasion for me to write about « how to survive in Northern Ireland? ». It was not easy I can tell you that! I like Belfast, the city is great but the weather is t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e. I mean, it might be okay if you come here during winter time, but in April, it is hard and it is even harder when you are from the South of France, where it is sunny almost every single day of the year… haha!


If you don’t like the rain and the weather changing every two minutes, then I would recommand you don’t try to live in Belfast because you will definitely not survive the weather. After a month here, I have seen so many rain and bad weather: it is mostly cloudy and cold in April, but people told me it would get better in May (fingers crossed)!

What you need to do is to buy a warm raincoat or a light raincoat depending on which season you plan to come to Norther Ireland. By the way, the same rules apply to the Republic of Ireland, it is the exact same weather. So if you plan to go to Dublin, I would suggest you do the same !


Well, I don’t mean to judge but, as a French person, I really miss my « fromage » (cheese) and my « baguette » (French bread). It was really hard for me to get used to the food here, since it is really different than what I normally eat at home. I am a vegetarian, so my first instinct was to look for soya/quinoa/etc.. burgers, and I couldn’t find any! (Yes, because I love this kind of « similicarne » at home). In the end, I found some in the frozen section, and they were vegan but they were really spicy and I didn’t really enjoyed it. So my solution was to eat porridge, quinoa, lentils, and many, many fruits and vegetables. You can find lots of amazing vegetables at the Saint George’s Market in Belfast (only opened on Friday, Saturday and Sunday though). But if you feel bad sometimes, because of the weather, I would suggest you go out and find a coffee or a pub to drink at.


The people here are very, very friendly, but sometimes I found them a bit too much friendly. I think it is a cultural thing, that us, French people, are really « reserved » (but not shy) and we don’t go and talk to people that easily. But here, in Northern Ireland, people are really open-minded and outgoing, which was hard for me at the beginning of my stay. But I got used to it, and I am happy about it. You just need to get in your mind that people in here are not as reluctant to know other people or foreigners than us French people mostly are. And therefore, I got to meet so many nice people around here !


Well, well… Let’s talk about the BIGGEST struggle of my stay here. The accent here is really different from the one you can hear in England, and I don’t find the English accent really easy as well. So imagine me, trying to understand what the people here were saying without asking them to repeat in order not to be rude… At first, that was a bit hard, but the Norther Irish are really comprehensive and they would usually talk slowly so I could understand. It took me maybe 2 or 3 weeks to get really used to it, and i still struggle sometimes but not as much as I did back then. I guess you just need to be very patient !

So this post comes to an end. I hope you really enjoyed it, because it won’t be my last post about Northern Ireland. By the way, here is a link to see a video I made about my first month in Belfast : click here.



Promenade du Peyrou – Montpellier

A month ago I went to Montpellier (South of France) to visit a school I intent to go to next year. I went there with my two lovely friends Emma and Flora  (her blog: mademoiselleworld.com) and we had a hell of a trip !

First, we went there with my car by night and the weather was horrible: rain, storm, thunder, you can’t imagine I thought we were literally in hell. It was really scary and it took us 4 hours to go there (when usually it only takes 2h30). But it was so worth it ! This place is so beautiful, and there are so many students in the streets. The bars and restaurants are opened late at night and you can eat something at any time which is great. The streets feel so safe and alive compared to where I live.

If you ever come to France or if you already live there and you want to visit some great cities in France, you have to go to Montpellier at least once in your life. It is a modern and historic city at the same time, and the people there are just so nice and friendly.

Here are some places you need to visit:

  • La Promenade du Peyrou: it is a wonderful park near downtown. The sunset there is incredible, you get a view on top of the whole city of Montpellier.
  • La Place de la Comédie: the heart of Montpellier, its most famous place.
  • L’Arc de Triomphe: just next to La Promenade du Peyrou, and yes, you can see this wonderful monument who looks almost like the one you get to see in Paris.

If you are looking for a place to eat I would definitely recommend Ma Première Cantine in the center of Montpellier. This place is so fun, and the atmosphere really makes you feel like you are eating at your school’s restaurant (but is tastes so much better haha). They offer a really large choice in their menu if you are vegetarian (or not).

THE place to go shop to is L’Odysseum which is a bit far away from the city center (I would say 10/15 minutes by car depending on the traffic). But it is so worth it, the place is beautiful and since Christmas was coming when I was there, there had installed lots of lights and it looked magical. There is a very large choice of shops (famous brands or not), a Starbuck and so many other restaurants or cafés, and even a supermarket if you need run some errands. You also have 2 hours of free car park.

To sum it up, I would definitely recommend to visit this city. What about you, have you ever been to Montpellier ?

By the way, Merry Christmas !




I don’t know about you, but I used to love Halloween as a kid. I would watch halloween comics all day long, eating my favorite candy (but not trick or treating because, well, it’s just not that popular in France). When I grew up, I totally lost my halloween spirit. But this year, I just decided I would do a little make up for the party I go to this October 31th. Since I am not a make up artist, I had to think about something cool and easy to do : a (very, VERY) simple zombie-like make-up style.


  • Fake Blood (don’t forget to test this on your arm first)
  • Cotton pads (the fluffy ones)
  • A red-burgundy lipstick
  • A light concealer
  • Loose powder lighter than your skin
  • An eyeshadow palette with purple colours.

First, you want to apply a base or a moisturizer and let it dry for 10 minutes. Then you start applying your loose powder and don’t hesitate to put lots of it, you want to look really pale, sick like.

Next step is drawing some really bad eye circles. Really easy ! You just need to put different tones of purples (two or three is great) in the corner of your eye. And don’t forget to blend !

After you’ve done that, you apply your light concealer on your lips to make them disappear. You add some loose power on it for a matte effect and you can also add some purple eyeshadow as well, to make it more realistic.

Now moving on to the best part of this « tutorial »: fake wounds. I really enjoyed making them, because it is so easy but it really gives the feeling that you did put some efforts on this make up. First thing you want to do is apply a bit of lip balm on your face (cheek, forehead…) with you finger or a cotton bud. Then you take the fluffly part of a cotton pad and you stick a bit of it on the lip balm. You don’t want to but to much, or it’s not gonna look realistic. After that, you put some fake blood on it with your finger, really gently so the cotton pad won’t stick on your finger, and you add some burgundy or red lipstick to create different shades of red and some purple eyeshadow to intensify the wound. AND. THAT’S. IT. So simple, it really is. You can repeat this on your face as much and as big or small as you please.

I hope you will enjoy this « written tutorial » and I wouldn’t film a video about this because I don’t have the equipment required to do that. Don’t hesitate to identify me on instagram if you ever recreate this look.

Ps: it looks really redish on the picture because of the filter, don’t worry !

And, Happy Halloween !




Picture taken in Valencia, Spain.

If you have never experienced it, well, it’s either because you’re lucky or it’s just a matter of time. If you’ve got bills to pay, if you want some extra money, start your working life, or just to stop asking your parents for money, job + studies aren’t an easy match. It’s not simple to match your school schedule and your work hours (why don’t they just give us 3 full days of school instead of putting one hour here and three hours of waiting in between????). Add up the fact that you’ve got homework to do when you get home, tests to study and also a social life to take care of and your life quickly turns into a living hell! So here are my top 4 advice to stay organize and to make sure you don’t get crazy at the end of the year:


Similar to a diary, but more complete! Try to pick one that matches your academic year (2016-2017 this year, starting in September and ending in July). Buy it in small size so you can keep it in your bag, that way, if you ever have to note an appointment or anything else (a night out with your bestie, a birthday party, whatever), you’ll be sure not to forget once you’re at home! Your tiny memory will never be an excuse again!

Advice 2: GET SOME REST!

I won’t deny that it’s really tempting to go out with your friends after a long day at work, at school or simply because it’s your day off and you don’t feel like staying at home! But, resting cannot be optional if you want to stay sane, and healthy. With all the pressure at work, school, life in general because life isn’t always bright and shiny, it’s easy to give up and become unproductive. Resting doesn’t mean your social life is over: you can invite your best mates home for a drink, or just Netflix and chill with your boyfriend (actually chilling…. Or not), whatever, just R E S T. You need to actually “log out” from your life!


I know the feeling when you check your bank account and you feel like you can buy everything you have ever wanted! But don’t forget how hard you’ve worked for this. You can waste this money in make-up, bags, shoes, nights out: you need to SAVE MONEY. You heard me well. Pay your bills, buy yourself stuffs you really need or really want but stay reasonable (these ugly not-so-black-anymore-because-you-washed-it pants you keep on wearing every day, you can change it now, no guilt). If you’re planning to do lengthy university studies, make sure you have the money to do it, so you can be proud to say “I paid it myself, on my own, with the money I earned”.


Don’t forget to keep on studying, don’t get grumpy when it is time to go to work, well, stay optimistic. You don’t like this job? You feel like it’s getting you nowhere and it’s a waste of time? That’s not the spirit. First, it’s not healthy: you’ll get all stressed out, you won’t have a nice day, people around you won’t have a nice day because you won’t be easy on them: NOT THE WAY TO GO. Also, don’t give up on school because you’re not earning any money: if you don’t like your studies, it’s never too late to change, to choose another sector. Also, this job you hate so much will always be a plus on your resume, and if your work hard and try to enjoy what you do, you may get a reward one day !


Your Girl Alice.



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I am a french blogger, who loves travelling and discovering news things, I also am a student in Modern Applied Languages and I hope to become a flight attendant.

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